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Bexprt achieves the specialized AWS Resilience Competency milestone

UK-headquartered technology company, Bexprt, announced today that it has joined a small group of global AWS Partners to have reached the high bar required for the AWS Resilience Competency.

The ability for cloud-based systems to resist or recover from disruptions, including those related to infrastructure, dependent services, misconfigurations, and transient network issues – known as ‘Cloud Resilience’ – plays a critical role in an organization’s broader business resilience strategy. The AWS Resilience Competency is awarded, after robust independent third-party assessment, to experienced AWS Partners with a proven level of technical capability in specialised Cloud Resilience and Disaster Recovery, an auditable track record of delivering successful commercial Resilience solutions to clients, and staff who have passed specialised professional AWS exams.

““The speed at which Bexprt has achieved the AWS Resilience Competency, and the quality of the commercial projects we have already delivered in this field for some of AWS’ largest clients globally is remarkable. AWS Resilience Competency Partners provide tailored guidance and solutions to achieve the highest system uptime needs, and we’re delighted to join the small group of AWS Partners to have achieved this prestigious AWS accolade,” Mo Hamdy, Bexprt Founder & CEO.

“To enhance the resilience capabilities we offer to AWS clients, focussing on clients’ needs, we have developed an automated DR testing solution, Bex-DR, which provides continuous reporting and compliance testing on the readiness of replicated servers for recovery. Commercially available, Bex-DR provides immediate benefits to AWS customers, and I am excited to see the new features the Bexprt development team will bring to market next.”

Mahmoud ElZayet, Bexprt Director of Cloud, “I’m thrilled that Bexprt’s Resilience capabilities, combined with our Bex-DR solution, have been formally recognised by AWS. Receiving the distinguished AWS Resilience Competency is real recognition of the technical prowess and specialized capabilities of the Bexprt team, and I’m proud of what we have achieved together”

From AWS: Achieving the AWS Resilience Competency differentiates Bexprt as an AWS Partner that has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success supporting customers’ resilience goals. Bexprt is equipped to handle resilience related application challenges, especially as expectations from customers shift towards an ‘always on, always available’ mindset. It’s important for organizations to expect and plan for system failures, and design workloads to recover from failure in a way that minimally impacts their end users. Additionally, when onboarding critical workloads to the cloud, such as in the finance sector for online banking, stock-trading, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs) or online sales platforms, higher uptime requirements have become a minimal requirement. AWS Resilience Competency Partner Bexprt provides professional consulting and engineering services that are validated by AWS experts in the Resilience Services category. This standardized approach allows customers to achieve their resilience goals in the cloud with the expert assistance of AWS Resilience Competency Partners.

Bexprt opened its Regional Office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in December 2023, and in doing so, Bexprt took a decisive move into public cloud resilience and AI, and enhanced the local support for its existing telecom and enterprise clients in the region. With significant investment and dedication, the team has achieved many accolades in the last 12 months, including AWS Reseller in 8 countries for the Commercial and Public Sectors, AWS Advanced Partner Tier Status, as well as a UK Government Export Award.

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With thanks to Karin James, AWS Partner Development Specialist, DR & Resilience Services, WW, and the AWS Partner team for their support and guidance.

LinkedIn 21st March 2024.

Bexprt is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, AWS Public Sector Partner, AWS Solution Provider for the Public & Commercial Sectors in 8 countries* (AWS Reseller), an Amazon RDS Delivery Partner, and Resilience Services Competency Partner.

Find Bexprt’s AWS Professional Services on AWS Marketplace.

Discover more about Bexprt’s automated DR testing solution, Bex-DR.

* for Bahrain, Ireland, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and UK.

HQ in Wokingham, UK, and a regional office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  

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