Generative AI

Interact with your documents as never before

Apply generative AI to your advantage: a framework for Enterprise solutions. Revolutionize text-based interactions and transform content creation, search, and comprehension.

Language generation: the capability to generate human-like and contextually appropriate language.

Generating coherent and fluent text, including articles, product descriptions, or social media posts, based on input prompts or specific requirements.

Question-answering: understand questions and provide accurate and relevant answers.

Utilizing natural language processing techniques, it comprehends the meaning of the questions and retrieves the most appropriate answers from a knowledge base or relevant documents. 

Document search: equipped with advanced search capabilities, enables users to find relevant information within large documents or extensive databases.

Employing techniques such as keyword matching, semantic search, and document indexing to efficiently retrieve the most relevant documents or passages. 

Search documents via voice interactions: locate and extract the information you need by talking to your written documents.

Content summarization: generate concise summaries of long documents or articles.

Identifying key information, extract important points, and condense the content into a coherent and informative summary, providing users with a short overview of the source material.

Contextual understanding: comprehend and generate language in a contextually appropriate manner.

With consideration to the context of the conversation, previous interactions, or surrounding text, generating responses or content that aligns with the given context, making the outputs more relevant and coherent.

Use Bexprt’s Advanced Intelligent Document Processing solution, Bextract™, to extract text from paper or digital typed or hand-written documents, and index, classify, search, translate, analyze and export the data into analytics environments.