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Why should cloud resilience be your top goal for 2024?

Bexprt Director of Cloud, Mahmoud ElZayet, shares insights and updates on cloud resilience, and why every organization should be considering it now.

Resilience and business continuity have always been critical goals for organizations. In Cloud Computing, AWS was one of the early advocates to design for failure: Amazon CTO Werner Vogels has the famous quote: “Everything fails, all the time”. Last November, in a mark of how significant these professional skills are now, AWS added the Resilience Competency for Partners to its portfolio. So, why is cloud resilience still such a hot topic today, and why should it be a key focus for organizations in 2024? 

With remote and distributed teams, iterative development and growing data, businesses are prone to more disruptions in systems and applications. Add to this the new standard of everything being online, a few taps away, and just-in-time, consumers have a far higher level of expectations and are less tolerant of system unavailability. While resilience is mostly associated with highly available systems and readiness for disaster recovery, it has evolved as a mindset: it’s how systems are designed, built and managed.

In 2023, Bexprt has increasingly seen customers pro-actively seeking to leverage cloud resilience mechanisms, and this was the case whether their source or original systems were in AWS or on-premises.

Bexprt thrives to continue focusing and supporting customers through their resilience-building journey: Bexprt – Specialities – Resilience.

Whether you are seeking to enhance security, achieve compliance, cost optimization, or improve business continuity, cloud resilience is your way forward. The Bexprt team has a vast experience in this domain, and as an AWS Reseller, we can provide our clients with various AWS incentives, discounts and services – if you are interested in launching your resilience journey, reach out and let’s start a conversation.

Mahmoud El Zayet, Bexprt Director of Cloud BU

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