Founded in 2018, Bexprt works with businesses and organizations in the telco and IT sector, public sector, enterprise and digital native, across all industries and sectors, providing consultancy, analysis, design, development and deployment, and managed services.

Successful cloud deployments with Bexprt

  • We take the time to understand clients’ use cases, their business needs, and digital ambitions
  • We go the extra mile to ensure your success
  • Launch right, first time: the key to success

Commercial sector

If you’re a commercial organization, whatever your size – very large business (VLM), small or medium business (SMB), digital native, or start-up – Bexprt can help you in your journey to migrate to and optimize in the cloud.

  • Automation and cost effectiveness
  • Operational efficiency
  • Fast time to market with customer service and customer experience
  • Advanced Analytics, to provide fresh insights and optimize your business
  • Landing Zone, Resilience including Disaster Recovery, application modernization, Well-Architected Review
  • Bexprt co-invests with you, during your cloud transformation journey

Public sector

  • Focussed on digital transformation and efficiency
  • Utilize Bexprts expertise in Advanced Analytics and generative AI, to deliver actionable insights
  • Bexprt’s AI/ML bespoke developments for the Public Sector are focussed on automation and digitalization: digital archiving, intelligent documentation processing with multi-language capabilities


Modernize your networks for improved competitive positioning and business outcomes in today’s smart always-on and data-hungry world with Bexprt.

Bexprt has extensive expertise in telecom virtualisation and telco cloud, as well as commercial projects in public, private and hybrid cloud deployments which have been operating since we were founded in 2018.