We help organisations accelerate their cloud transformation journey. Whilst providing a wide range of cloud services and capabilities, the Bexprt team have specialized technical expertise and experience in Advanced Analytics, Generative AI, Resilience & Disaster Recovery, and Telco Cloud.

Advanced Analytics

  • Consulting & strategy: assess, plan, and guide on analytics technologies
  • Implementation: integrate data, setup Business Intelligence tools, data science services
  • Training & support: equip staff, provide continuous technical support
  • Governance & Managed Services: ensure data security, offer managed analytics

Generative AI

  • Documents: generate contextually appropriate text
  • Help & support: provide accurate and relevant answers to questions
  • Search: efficiently retrieve relevant information from large documents or databases
  • Summarise: create concise summaries of lengthy, complex documents


  • Achieve business continuity with optimized costs
  • Define Disaster Recovery requirements, create a secure Landing Zone, and rollout automated plans
  • Continuously measure infrastructure and app resilience in the cloud
  • Improve workload resilience through Well-Architected Reviews and App Modernization

Telco Cloud

Bexprt accelerates the deployment of cloud-based network infrastructure and services for Carrier Service Providers, using telecom industry standards. In addition to enabling CSPs and MVNOs to build, manage and monitor their network over the cloud, Bexprt also utilises AI to provide Advanced Analytics capabilities to Telco Cloud clients.