Bextract is an Advanced Intelligent Document Processing solution that leverages cloud technologies for high availability, scalability, and security, as well as solid integration with on-premises systems.

Documents stored or generated on-premises are synchronized to cloud storage, passing through text extraction, indexing, classification, and optionally translation. Customers use a slick portal to discover, search, translate, and export documents into analytics environments.

Bextract was launched, with a live demo plus panel discussion with client Al Watania for Industries, at the Saudi Cloud Summit 2023.

Commercially available now + Professional Services for Bextract available over AWS Marketplace.

Use cases & sector flexibility


  • Automate extraction & translation of complex legal documents
  • Saving $$ and time

Supply chain & logistics

  • Automate handling of shipping documents, bills of landing & customs declarations
  • Enhance supply chain visibility & reduce delays
  • Remove the need for warehouses filled with paper, and associated physical retrieval delays

Real estate

  • Automate extraction of property details, legal descriptions & transaction data from real estate contracts, leases & mortgage documents
  • Benefit from fast search capabilities, and digital document management

Energy & utilities

  • Automate processing of utility bills, service contracts & compliance documents
  • Optimize energy consumption & regulatory compliance
  • Generate reports for BI


  • Extract data from delivery notes & production reports
  • Automatically integrate into ERP system & digital archives
  • Cross-check to enhance production efficiency & product quality


  • Automate processing of vehicle maintenance records, warranty information & recall notices
  • Optimize fleet management & customer service

Solution description: Bextract

  • An AI archive and indexing solution, enabling search and analysis of “paperwork”.
  • Documents are scanned, and then automatically archived utilizing cloud resilient cloud services.
  • The scanned paperwork is securely saved, and retrieved using cloud-resilient storage services.
  • Real-time note retrieval ensures increased operational efficiency.
  • AI, ML, and other techniques are used to verify, identify, and extract key information, which can then be analyzed, searched, and used in other workflows. 
  • Business processes that rely on the data in these documents can also be automated.
  • Fully managed SaaS solution.
  • Highly customizable to address your specific use cases.
  • AWS Qualified Software.
  • Commercially available now + Professional Services for Bextract available over AWS Marketplace.

Bextract Identify

  • An extension to the Bextract™ solution, Bextract Identify digitally extracts the content from documents, and stores the content in a database.
  • This data can then be then exported, quality control undertaken, and the cleaned data can then be imported and integrated into other business intelligent systems.

Yousef Suliman M. Alduraywish, Logistics Manager at Al Watania For Industries, speaking at Saudi Cloud Summit 2023 about Bextract. “Sometimes, [it would] take weeks to locate a single document, especially as we are keeping documents for 7 years, and five thousand pieces of paper are generated monthly…. Previously, whenever we [had] to retrieve a single document, it consumes time and effort, even for our team it is very painful to dig into all these old files. Now, can retrieve the required document within 2 seconds. We are very happy with the solution,”

Bextract features & benefits

Secure access

  • System is accessible via secure user access management, aligned with your business’s IT security requirements.
  • Specific documents can be automatically secured so that they are only accessible by specific staff (eg. paper-based wage slips).

Instantaneous access

  • Once digitized the physical paperwork no longer needs to be retained, eliminating the need for, and costs of, physical warehouse storage.  
  • Documents can be instantaneously retrieved, eliminating the need for time-consuming physical searches.

Document capture

  • Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and image processing techniques enhanced with AI, printed, typed and handwritten notes can be enhanced, ensuring accurate document capture. 
  • Multiple languages supported: Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Data extraction, validation & verification 

  • ML – trained to understand the content and structure of your document types – identifies and extracts relevant information. The system is especially useful for handling paperwork where handwritten notes overlap printed text, or the notes are physically damaged or stained.
  • AI/ML techniques are used to validate and verify the extracted data and ensure accuracy and integrity.
  • NLP techniques can be applied for sentiment analysis.

Document classification

  • ML models classify documents into specific categories based on their content, layout, or purpose. For example, invoices, purchase orders, and receipts can be automatically categorized and routed to the appropriate workflows or systems.

Powerful search & analysis

  • Utilize advanced cloud-based AI/ML to create a data lake: data is indexed, and advanced search and analysis capabilities are enabled.
  • The documents become searchable by any field, or for specific data.

Reporting & data consolidation

  • Relevant data fields are stored in the cloud and available as tables, web-based reporting summaries or as exportable Excel/CSV files.

Workflow integration

  • Define thresholds for specific field values; when a freshly scanned document contains a value which breaks the threshold trigger, predefined alerts are sent to specified users.
  • Integration with other business systems – for example, enterprise content management (ECM) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, or accounting software – streamlines document processing workflows, enables seamless data transfer, and delivers even greater efficiencies.

Case study

  • Bexprt & AWS: Smart factories digital transformation

Bextract animation – Arabic

Bextract animation – English

Bextract Solution Brief

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