Resilience in the cloud

Cost-effective business continuity

Cloud-native resilience through a secure Landing-Zone, Modernized Apps, Automated Operations and Well-Architected Reviews (WAR).

  • Achieve business continuity with optimized costs 
  • Define Disaster Recovery (DR) requirements, create a secure Landing Zone, and rollout automated plans 
  • Continuously measure infrastructure and app resilience in the cloud 
  • Prepare and protect your applications from disruption with AWS Resilience Hub
  • Improve workload resilience through Well-Architected Reviews and App Modernization.
  • Use Bexprt’s automated Disaster Recovery solution, Bex-DR™, to continuously test and monitor your DR service.
  • Rest assured, Bexprt has achieved the high bar required for the AWS Resilience Competency.

How can we help?

  • Deploy an automated AWS Landing Zone solution, providing a safe area where apps land and are continuously tested
  • Rollout automated DR plans using Bexprt cloud-native automation framework
  • Build automated monitoring solutions for cloud resilience
  • Perform resilience focused WAR workshop – our experienced and professionally certified staff will work with you to review the state of your applications and workloads against architectural best practices, identify opportunities for improvement, and track progress over time
  • Modernize Applications from on-premise, or other clouds

Bex-DR™, Bexprt’s automated DR testing solution

Bexprt achieves the AWS Resilience Competency