Bexprt solutions

Developed in-house, the Bexprt experts are developing bespoke cloud solutions to address business use cases, enabling you to scale securely, whilst using the latest innovative AI/ML and Generative AI capabilities.

Commercially available now + Professional Services for Bextract and Bex-DR available over AWS Marketplace.


Advanced Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

  • Transform physical paperwork, into a secure digital archive
  • Scan and digitally extract printed and handwritten text. Use AI and ML to enhance accuracy, even for damaged areas
  • Powerful search, reporting and data analysis, sentiment analysis and conversational data access
  • Automate workflows, improve efficiency and productivity
  • Enabling data-driven decision-making, faster feedback, and cost savings
  • AWS & Bextract: AWS Qualified Software, and Professional Services for Bextract are available on AWS Marketplace


Resiliency is the ability for a system to recover from load, attacks, failures; optimized systems should be designed for high availability, and designed for failure. Disaster Recovery solutions help ensure that your systems can recover – but you need to know that the recovery objectives set by the business can be achieved.

Bex-DR provides continuous automated testing of your disaster recovery solution over AWS, so that you have the insights needed to ensure regulatory compliance and achieve business disaster recovery objectives.