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Bexprt graduates from AWS Partner Acceleration Program

The Bexprt Team worked together with the AWS PAT team to accelerate their AWS Partner journey and increase their AWS UK presence.

“The program was completed over 4 months, and during that time Bexprt achieved AWS Advanced Partner Status, participated in the AWS Landing Zone Program and increased our connections within the UK AWS Leadership & Public Sector Teams. This is another milestone on Bexprt’s journey as an AWS Public Sector Partner, and we’re looking forward to many more accomplishments together with our AWS colleagues!”

“The structured programs at AWS ensure our teams are constantly enhancing their skills, capabilities and expertise, and delivering the very best for our AWS clients globally.” Bexprt CMO, Gwen Edwards.

With thanks to Camila Szmalko EMEA Partner Development Manager, and Jason Randall, Global Head of WWPS Partner Acceleration, at AWS for their support and guidance, and the accelerated development they have provided. 

Bexprt is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, AWS Public Sector Partner, AWS Solution Provider (Reseller), and Amazon RDS Delivery Partner. HQ in Wokingham, UK, and regional office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  

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