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Case Study: AWS Resilience Solution for Al Kurdi Trading & Contracting Company

Bexprt delivers AWS Disaster Recovery Solution for Saudi Arabian-based fire, safety, and security company, Al Kurdi Trading & Contracting Co.

Executive summary

Al Kurdi use an OpenSource ERP and CRM solution. After attending an “Ask Bexprt” event on AWS Resilience and Disaster Recovery, Al Kurdi requested support from Bexprt to implement an AWS Disaster Recovery (DR) solution. Bexprt proposed multiple DR options with costs for Al Kurdi to consider. The AWS Pilot Light strategy was selected and successfully implemented, following AWS Best Practices.

About the client

Al Kurdi Trading & Contracting Company provides fire, safety, room environment monitoring, uninterruptable power supplies and security solutions, with a complete range of services including design, supply, installation, testing & commissioning, and after-sales services.
Founded in 1979, Al Kurdi operates across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The challenge & cloud opportunity

Al Kurdi approached Bexprt seeking an AWS Disaster Recovery solution. At the start of the project, Bexprt identified, documented, and addressed a number of security enhancements. With no previous Disaster Recovery experience, automated alarms and documentation were a key part of the deliverables for the client.

The solution & services used

  • The AWS Pilot Light strategy was selected for Disaster Recovery, with Amazon Cloud Watch for automated alarms.
  • AWS Virtual Private Cloud and AWS Identity & Access Management form part of the security features.
  • A different AWS Region was utilized to optimize for business continuity and high availability.
  • DR process documentation, and operational instructions were provided.

Ensuring key business systems and data remains safe

Al Kurdi use an OpenSource ERP and CRM solution, and this forms a vital part of their business management systems, including CRM, project documentation, invoicing and support ticketing.

The Al Kurdi team attended an “Ask Bexprt” event in Riyadh, where they were able to hear experts from AWS and Bexprt provide updates about AWS Resilience and Disaster Recovery best practices, options and features. After the workshop, Al Kurdi requested a more detailed meeting with the Bexprt team, to privately discuss their requirements.

Bexprt proposed multiple AWS Disaster Recovery options, with costs for Al Kurdi to consider, and the AWS Pilot Light strategy was selected.

To optimize the Disaster Recovery architecture, a different AWS Region was utilized, thereby ensuring business continuity and high availability.

The results & benefits

The client now has a secure solution for their business-critical ERP and CRM solution, and an AWS Disaster Recovery solution that follows AWS Best Practices.

“The Bexprt team provided a very comprehensive assessment of our technology landscape, and implemented security enhancements before commencing the AWS Disaster Recovery work.

“Bexprt took the time to answer all the Disaster Recovery queries the Al Kurdi team had, and provided various options for us to consider. They have worked with care to understand our needs and use cases, and provided all the documentation we requested.

“We now have a very comprehensive DR solution in place, which is absolutely vital for such business-critical systems.
I’m very glad that we attended the Ask Bexprt event!”

Ayyad Alkurdi AlMilli, Chief Executive Officer at Al Kurdi Trading & Contracting Co.

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