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AWS Summit London 2024: key takeaways

Bexprt Cloud Consultant, Nour Samir, shares his thoughts.

The AWS Summit in London is part of a series of global AWS events, that bring the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS. Second only to AWS re:Invent in scale, this year the AWS Summit London hosted 16k people, free of charge, and delivered keynotes, technical breakout sessions, demonstrations, interactive workshops, labs, and team challenges, with an agenda running to 25+ pages, delivered by AWS leaders, experts, partners, and customers, plus a large exhibition of partners and AWS capabilities, food and drink for all, and space to play. The preceding day, the AWS Partner Summit provided background briefings and deep dives for AWS Partners.

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“Last week I attended the AWS Partner Summit and the AWS Summit in London – a fantastic couple of days, learning about bringing the power of AI to businesses through AWS services such as AWS Bedrock and Amazon Q. The sessions were to the point, and left me inspired about the transformative power of AI in today’s business landscape. With AWS services and new features announced at the summit, this will accelerate go-to-market capabilities with GenAI features.”

“Good data = good AI”

“One of the key takeaways from the event was the importance of data strategy, which leads to AI strategy. The more quality data you have, and the better organized it is, the higher the performance you can achieve with AI. This insight highlighted the importance of starting strong, by using lots of organized and structured data before jumping into AI.

Throughout the AWS events, AWS customers – including Philip Belamant, Co-Founder and CEO of Zilch, Pieter Jordaan, CIO at Tui, and many more including Lonely Planet and Adobe – spoke and shared different use cases and described their customer success stories, across diverse industries and businesses. It was truly inspiring to witness customers taking to the stage and discussing how AWS services accelerated their growth and enabled them to scale. These stories demonstrated the real-world impact of integrating AI into business processes.

The integration of AI into businesses is no longer a distant dream. By selecting the right use case that aligns with your business goals, you can seamlessly integrate AI to facilitate growth and scalability. It is important not to rush to integrate, or jump straight to using Gen AI in your business – take your time to understand your specific use case and how this integration will benefit your business and customers/users.

AWS’ customer obsession and dedication to empower customers with the right resources and guidance was shown time and again at the AWS Summits. They offer a wealth of reference and training materials including blog posts, communities, channels and free resources to help customers kickstart their AI initiatives on the right track.”

Key announcements from Tanuja Randery, AWS Managing Director, EMEA, included the availability of,

“Let’s build what’s next”

“Moreover, the AWS Partner Summit and AWS Summit showed an environment of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. I enjoyed engaging in discussions with attendees from different backgrounds and industries about their businesses and their next steps to get started with Gen AI.

Also, if you are still not running your workload on AWS cloud, there were insightful sessions about best practices to migrate to AWS and how to build a highly secure, scalable and performant serverless application on AWS following the best practices and architectures.

With Gen AI and AWS services you can unlock the potential of businesses like never before! I believe, just like when the internet first came around, this Gen AI era is a game-changer.”

Nour Samir ◦ Cloud Consultant, Bexprt

Above, at the end of a long packed day at AWS Summit London, the Bexprt team with the AWS Resilience Leads. Left to right: Mo Hamdy Bexprt Founder & CEO, Gwen Edwards Bexprt CMO, Mahmoud ElZayet Bexprt CTO, Mohamed El-Kerdany Bexprt Head of Development, Karin James AWS Partner Development Specialist, DR & Resilience Services, WW, Ashutosh Misra AWS WW Head APN Resilience, Nour Samir Bexprt Cloud Consultant, and Andrew Parker AWS Senior Customer Solutions Manager for Marsh McLennan.

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