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AWS re:Invent 2022 ◦ The game changers identified by the Bexprt team

Being customer-centric is core to the DNA of AWS features.

In yesterday’s re:Invent Keynote,  Adam Selipsky translated enterprise customers’ dreams into tangible solutions, and here at Bexprt we believe these to be a game changer.

Many topics were addressed by Adam in his rich 140-minute keynote, the Data Analytics theme resonated most strongly with the Bexprt team, as it matches our differentiating competitive advantage, and aligns with what our customers are truly looking for in their day-to-day business challenges.

Adam channelled the focus of the data and analytics section of his Keynote into three main focus areas,

1. Integration

How many times has your business faced difficulties in manually building ETL Pipelines to move your data from transactional Aurora DB to Redshift cluster to perform intense analytical-based queries?

If that issue resonates with you, the future looks simpler! Yesterday, AWS announced serverless Zero-ETL integration that dynamically scales up and down depending on data volume to leverage near real-time analytics and ML on transactional data. Additionally, Redshift is now integrated with Apache Spark to run queries from EMR, Glue and SageMaker in seconds.

2. Governance

Enterprises we work with are looking for a data management service that is able to catalogue, discover and share data with fine-grained controls, to govern access to data, and easily search using business terms.

AWS announced the imminent arrival of DataZone, which has a web portal that brings data and people together. Data producers can set up a business data catalogue, and then connect it with data sources using ML to populate the data with appropriate metadata. This powerful new capability will enable data consumers to search and browse the catalogue, and even define data projects.

DataZones are empowered by APIs to work with other Analytics tools such as Tableau or Snakeflow.

3. Insights

Operational paginated reports have been announced to help enterprises who are looking for business-critical operational reports that require specific formatting requirements.

ML-powered forecasting with Q enables business users to forecast any metric into the future, taking into account seasonality, anomalies and outliers. 

Additionally, the amazing ‘Why?’ feature enables you to provide potential explanations for why certain metrics have changed.

Bexprt is your trusted advisor when it comes to making sense of the cloud. Please don’t hesitate to contact our experts who are always pleased to take your business forward. 

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