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Case Study: Digis Squared’s migration to AWS

Bexprt transformed Digis Squared’s telecom products to deliver AWS cloud-native mobile network testing and optimization, improving the total time to test and analyze.

Bexprt leveraged AWS capabilities to transform Digis Squared’s current mobile network Drive Testing and QoE (Quality of Experience) products to become AWS cloud-native, and created a data lake for further network performance predictions using AWS ML and analytics capabilities.

Digis Squared efficiently deploy, transform and manage telecom networks. Headquartered in the UK, with a technology and support centre in Egypt, regional offices in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Angola, they deliver Managed Services, System Integration and Consulting capability to MNOs, CSPs and Regulators. Their independent expertise, and vendor-agnostic multi-technology AI-products, are valued by clients across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, to optimize and enable smarter networks.

The challenge & cloud opportunity

Digis Squared has a number of products, and wanted to migrate to AWS to,

  • offer AWS cloud-native tools to their clients, for network testing and performance prediction
  • benefit from enhanced performance
  • offer a pay-as-you-grow model
  • leverage AWS data lake and AI capabilities, and additional enhancements to advanced analytics.

The solution & services used

The results & benefits

In just 2 weeks, the Bexprt team ensured the customer achieved the successful migration of two of their key products to AWS, and they are already benefitting from faster total time to test and analyze. 

Next step: building the data lake from the generated network logs, for further network performance predictions using Bexprt ML and analytics capabilities.

“The Bexprt team are very professional and knowledgeable, generously sharing their expertise with the Digis Squared team – they really helped us above and beyond throughout this project. The onboarding of our platform onto AWS was successfully and smoothly completed in a very short period of time, and we already have clients who are benefitting from the deployment.”

“Looking to the next steps, the AWS data analytics capability will further enhance our ML capabilities, and deliver powerful new analytics capabilities for us, and our clients. I’m excited to see what we’ll be able to deliver with this, and the advanced telecoms network testing and performance prediction it will enable.” Abdelrahman Fady, CTO at Digis Squared

How can Bexprt help?

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