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Case Study: Smart factories digital transformation

This customer leads the way for smart factories on a digital transformation journey in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

About the customer

Specializing in the niche sector of packaging and building materials production, this customer is ranked amongst the top 100 prestigious Saudi companies in the Kingdom and the region. With 50 years’ of experience, they support the needs of the food security, industry, and construction sectors. They have 11 factories with a total annual production capacity of 646 thousand tons, revenue of over $800m, and exports to three continents. They are aggressively expanding their operations, and retaining their focus on business value realization 

The challenge

The client’s supply chain operations generate thousands of paper delivery notes, used manually by drivers, workers, and professionals between their plants and their customers to confirm the movement of goods. Such physical papers are at risk of being lost, damaged or defaced in the time between manual handling and physical archiving. Retrieval of such physical paper notes takes time and resources, is a tedious manual process, and requires expenditure on space, investment, and maintenance of physical storage – these costs and efforts have an exponential impact as the operations grow. The client wanted to retain the use of the physical papers but digitally transform the way the data was handled and archived. 

The cloud opportunity

  • Automate the physical delivery note archiving process utilizing AWS cloud services.
  • Securely save and retrieve scanned delivery notes using AWS resilient storage services
  • Index the delivery notes using advanced AWS Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), leveraging advanced search capabilities.

The results & benefits

In March 2023, just a few weeks after initiating the project, Bexprt deployed an archiving and indexing solution, Bextract™, utilizing optical character recognition (OCR) and additional AI/ML enhancements.

  • Securely archived 50,000+ physical papers on AWS resilient cloud, and implemented a process to handle all new paperwork
  • Bexprt developed a secure web interface and user access management to ensure the same solution could be securely used by different parts of the client’s group of businesses, and flex and manage dynamic changes in business operational demands.
  • Additional transformational capability developed by Bexprt includes document retrieval features using ML capability.
  • Using Bextract™ ML capabilities we were able to recognize all the information in the hand-written notes, delivering enhanced accuracy for the business. 
  • The digital transformation project increased the operational efficiency of real-time notes retrieval from hours or days to seconds.
  • The delivery of this project will assist the client with their ISO 27001 compliance, by ensuring specific data can be masked (obscured) automatically.

How can Bexprt help?

If your business needs assistance working out how to transform your process, or migrate to the cloud, get in touch. We can assist your business with all elements of assessment, implementation, and upgrade to digitally transform your business.