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LEAP 2024 reflections

LEAP in Riyadh, “the world’s most attended tech event”, saw record-breaking numbers – 215k attendees, $13.4 billion investment announcements, and the AWS announcement of a new Saudi Arabia Infrastructure Region.

Bexprt CEO and Founder Mo Hamdy shares his reflections on LEAP 2024.

Looking back to LEAP 2023 when we started to execute towards our plan, taking a leap of faith and investing locally by opening Bexprt regional office in Saudi, hiring local talents to serve ME region.

One year forward, from LEAP-to-LEAP, Bexprt in Saudi is now a key market player in the Cloud Solutions and Services domain, serving tens of customers with our Gen-AI, IDP and automated DR testing solutions, Professional & Managed Services with AWS Reseller Service for 7 countries across both Commercial and Public Sectors, and with a strategic Collaboration Partnership with AWS resulting to strong market presence.

I would like to thank all our customers and partners who believed in our team, solutions, relationship, and the value we brought to the Kingdom. Also, the UK Government Department for Business and Trade who gave us a smooth landing to the Kingdom from Day 1, as well as the talented AWS team!

During LEAP24 this year we have made plenty of announcements, including new in-house product launches, customers’ award signing ceremonies, and strategic collaborations.

Having the AWS Local Region announcement during LEAP, and their $5.4 Mio investment, and offering AWS Outputs has set Bexprt in a unique position for growth over the next 12 months, supporting Public and Commercial Sectors with more Gen-AI driven and Resilience use cases, and helping our clients to generate more revenue, optimize costs, operate more efficiently and enhance customer experience!

I am sure we will come back for LEAP next year iA celebrating more projects with more market growth, contributing to the Saudi Vision 2030, and with even more customers who trust our capabilities and love working with us!

Above all, I would like to thank the lovely Bexprt local and regional teams who worked day and night to make such success happen!

We are here to stay, we are here to contribute, we are here to grow!


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