Saudi Cloud Summit 2023 Recap & 2024 Plans

Saudi Cloud Summit 2023 ◦ Organized by Bexprt, powered by AWS

Recap, photos and 2024 plans.

“The Saudi Cloud Summit was an amazing experience for me personally, meeting plenty of CxOs from Governments, SMB, DNC and Unicorns, across vastly diversified range of industries, exchanging their experience of the Saudi Market.”

“I would like to thank all of the Bexprt Team for making such a great event happen and for the sponsorship of AWS with inspiring and insightful Keynote Speech from Yasser Hassan , AWS Regional General Manager, Middle East, North Africa and Turkey. True partnership and teamwork in action.”

“Very fruitful sessions from all Bexprt and AWS speakers, covering Digital Transformation, the Saudi 2030 vision and power of data, how to make use of data to take informative decisions, seeing amazing use cases from AWS about Analytics and AI, and launching both Bexprt Advanced IDP (#Bextract™) over Amazon Bedrock and Bex-DR™ Resilience Automation Tool – both with successful live demos!”

“Lastly, listening to amazing panel discussions from happy customers who used such tools locally in the Kingdom! Thank you to our customers Yousef Alduraywish from Al Watania For Industries, and Abdallah Ibrahim Amin from Abdulrehman Algosaibi G.T.C for being part of the Saudi Cloud Summit 2023.” Mo Hamdy, Bexprt Founder & CEO

Held on Tuesday 10th October 2023, at the Hilton Hotel, Riyadh, the inaugural Saudi Cloud Summit brought together CxOs and Senior Business Executives across all sectors, and enabled attendees to optimize their access to cloud & AI expertise, and experience, in Saudi. 

Those who joined us discovered vital cloud updates for Saudi Arabia, and enjoyed unrivalled networking opportunities. 

This exclusive, closed-door, private and in-person-only meeting included,

  • The launch of 2x Bexprt solutions, Bextract™ Advanced Intelligent Document Processing, and Bex-DR™ Automated Disaster Recovery Testing, both with live demos
  • Panel discussions with clients Al Watania for Industries, and Abdulrehman Algosaibi G.T.C
  • Keynote speech from Yasser Hassan, Regional General Manager, leading the Amazon Web Services (AWS) business in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey
  • Bexprt in the Kingdom ◦ A Saudi-centric business update, plus  Bexprt solution launches, and announce new offers and incentives for the local market, from Founder & CEO Mo Hamdy from event organizer and co-host Bexprt
  •  Fireside chat, with Abdulaziz Al Meer, AWS Head of Public Sector Partners, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain, and Mo Hamdy, Bexprt Founder & CEO
  • Strategic update from Ayman El-Tohamy, AWS Head of SMB, MENA & Turkey
  • Plus insights on Generative AI from Steven Mustafa, Data Analytics from Abdullah Alhoshan, and the local Saudi AWS-Bexprt partnership with Alaa Eddin Kilani and Mohammed Laimon from AWS, and Abdulrhman Khormi from Bexprt.

The Bexprt team is grateful to all those who attended and made the inaugural event a huge success. Thank you for your energy and support!

Special 2023 thanks also to the teams behind the scenes: James, Jo and Lindy; Mel, Ruba, Nasser and their local teams.

Saudi Cloud Summit 2024

We are delighted to confirm that the plans are already underway at Bexprt HQ for #SaudiCloudsummit2024. 

Reserve the date in your diary now: 10th October 2024, Riyadh.

We look forward to seeing you at Saudi Cloud Summit 2024!

If you would like to know more about future Bexprt events, please register here. For sponsorship and speaking opportunities please contact Bexprt CMO Gwen Edwards.

To discover more about Bexprt, or the new solutions Bextract and Bex-DR, please email

#SaudiCloudSummit, a Bexprt event.

Case study: Bexprt delivers major Nuage upgrade for Tier 1 UK MNO

Project objective

Upgrade Nuage VSP from version 5.4.1 to 20.10 R5 (major), for a Tier 1 Mobile Network Operator in the UK.

What is Nuage? 

Nuage Networks from Nokia, Virtualized Services Platform [VSP] “is the industry leading network automation platform enabling a complete range of SDN, SD-WAN, and cloud solutions. VSP provides advanced network automation across networks and clouds of all sizes and architectures, from datacenter private clouds to large enterprise wide area networks (WANs) and some of the largest public clouds in the world. VSP enables both Virtualized Network Services (VNS) for SD-WAN and Virtualized Cloud Services (VCS) for SDN.”

Problem Statement

Customer was running a Nuage VSP release which was near to End of Life (EoL).

Bexprt were asked to upgrade the solution to the latest release as swiftly as possible. 

  • Original version: 5.4.1
  • Target version: 20.10.R5 


  • Limited time (pre-production to be completed in 2 weeks)
  • Alignment of all stakeholders
  • Major upgrade 
  • Minimum downtime
  • Service verification after a successful upgrade
  • Multiple nodes were unreachable remotely

High-level project plan

This Nuage VSP major upgrade involved the upgrade of multiple components. 

Bexprt developed and managed the project execution plan.

  • VSD upgrade Method of Procedure (MOP) and restoration/roll-back plan prepared, discussed and agreed with the customer prior to execution. 
  • Bexprt identified some discrepancies in the original deployment of the solution; a solution to resolve them was proposed and agreed with the customer.

Step 1: After the successful upgrade of VSDs (primary component), a 48-hour close-monitoring period was observed with zero issues.

Steps 2 to 6: On completion of the close-monitoring period, the remaining steps were undertaken and all other components were successfully upgraded. 

Challenges overcome

Due to EoL time pressures, innovative approaches were needed to swiftly implement the project. 

Major challenge: some components/nodes were unreachable remotely. Bexprt proposed reversing access to the nodes after upgrading to the latest release, whilst maintaining security. Details of mitigation, confidence, and time benefit were discussed with the client who accepted this creative solution. 

Plan was successfully implemented and the connectivity of nodes was restored.

This approach saved a considerable amount of project time.

Great learning experience: optimizing project time, and alignment of stakeholders.

The results & benefits

Major Nuage upgrade completed on schedule, with minimum downtime.

How can Bexprt help?

If your business needs assistance working out how to transform your ICT processes, upgrade your systems, or migrate to the cloud, get in touch. We can assist your business with all elements of assessment, implementation, and upgrade to digitally transform your business.

We’re always happy to have an informal, exploratory conversation, email us at 

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The Bexprt team celebrates five years in business!

Mohamed Hamdy, Founder & CEO of Bexprt shares  “A really big thank you to all our clients and strategic partners! We really appreciate everything we have achieved together over the last five years. Bexprt now operates in 16 countries, and we’ve quadrupled the turnover of the business.” 

“I would also like to thank the fabulous Bexprt team that have delivered this success for the business. I believe that we have built a really world-class team – stay tuned for some really big team announcements in the weeks ahead!”

“Bexprt has significant expansion plans for 2023, and I’m excited to see what we can achieve in partnership together, globally, in the next five years.”

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Meet Bexprt at Biban 23, Riyadh

The Bexprt Team are excited to be at Biban Global! If you are a startup or small business who wants to know how to securely migrate to the cloud, or are curious about scaling or optimizing your current cloud spend, then come and ask Bexprt!

“Biban 2023Saudi Arabia’s flagship SME forum returns to unite the world’s most innovative start-ups, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Biban… Fostering Tangible Opportunities

Welcome to Biban 2023, Saudi Arabia’s biggest SME and entrepreneurship forum. This is where the private and public sectors come together, under one roof, to share extraordinary ideas and profound experiences revolving around business and entrepreneurship. Here, we showcase innovations and breakthroughs, host talks and panel discussions, and hold workshops and competitions that inspire growth and embrace the culture of innovation. It’s a space that encourages dialogue and collaboration, filled to the brim with the most influential names in the industry (and from all over the world, no less). It’s where aspiring business minds come to their own, where existing businesses find investors, and where the greatest and latest business developments are revealed to the world. Join us and explore our nation’s thriving economic landscape; fertile land from which bright ideas and bold businesses grow and prosper, influencing a new generation of ambitious SMEs and start-ups. It’s an opportunity to establish meaningful, long-lasting relationships with industry leaders and decision-makers, learn new skills and gain valuable insight, and engage in high-power meetings, business accelerators, and incubators. In short, we’re fostering tangible opportunities. And Biban is where you capitalize on them.” 

 🗓 Thursday 9th – Monday 13th March, 4-11pm
📍Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center, KSA
🌐 Discover more, and register for free entry here 

 📧 To arrange a dedicated time to meet email, or dm Ghaith Hamzah
 𝗕𝗲𝘅𝗽𝗿𝘁 ◦ 𝗬𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗯𝘂𝘀𝗶𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝗲𝗻𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗽𝗮𝗿𝘁𝗻𝗲𝗿  
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Legacy telephony systems: the digital path forward

In this blog post, Ayman ElBetaway, Bexprt’s Core Networks Deployment Technical Lead, provides an overview of the legacy issues, and the digital path forward for businesses’ telephone systems.

How long will the legacy systems last?

Traditional analog telecommunications systems are nearing the end of their product lifecycles, and if your business has not yet upgraded, now is the time to decide how and when to replace it and head down a new, more viable path. In many countries, PSTN and ISDN lines can no longer be installed – for example, this is the case in much of the UK now, and existing UK copper connections will be switched off at or before the end of 2025. With deadlines looming, and significant technology and financial benefits, what is the alternative? Deploy Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), an Internet Protocol (IP)-based solution for voice – and the opportunities presented by VoIP are too great to be ignored.

Traditional fixed-line telephony

On March 10th, 1876 Alexander Graham Bell made the first voice call to his assistant Thomas Watson: “Mr Watson – come here – I want to see you”. Almost 147 years later, in many countries, traditional voice calls continue to be carried over copper cables between many homes and businesses.

The greatest challenge fixed-line telecom providers are facing is that their existing platforms are on the verge of being end-of-life. It has become increasingly challenging to obtain parts, and find vendors to support those legacy systems.

Enterprises have traditionally maintained separate networks for private data, voice and internet applications, which leads to high capital and operating expenses that were associated with maintaining, upgrading, and managing multiple networks.

Maintenance charges are high, requiring support staff and cabling systems.

Additionally, capacity expansion is a challenging problem and technically constrained by TDM (time-division multiplexing) used in traditional legacy fixed-line telephony.

VoIP evolution

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) are protocols that enable a voice or video call to be converted to data. VoIP software formats speech and video calls for transfer over a digital data network – via the internet, local, corporate, or mobile phone data networks. SIP creates a dedicated ‘data tunnel’ on the same computer networks so that VoIP and media streaming is handled efficiently with minimum errors and optimized quality.

Business benefits of VoIP

  • Creating new business revenues for the traditional telecom industry by providing cheaper rates.
  • Reducing the capex investment by avoiding purchasing hardware at each site.
  • Greater flexibility in call routing, plus additional features like handover from desk phone to mobile phone.
  • Flexibility in integration with VoIP applications, including MS Teams and Skype for Business.
  • Rapidly increasing capacity of SIP trunks, removing any business growth constraints.

While there are demonstrable advantages, VoIP for business also carries some risks. These are some examples for the most common VoIP security risks that businesses should be aware of,

  • DoS & DDoS attacks
  • Embedded Malware
  • Spam Over IP Telephony (SPIT)
  • Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS)
  • Toll Fraud.

Building up & bridging out

To experience a seamless migration from legacy TDM to IP,  businesses must embark on a methodical and deliberate network evolution.

The SBC (Session Border Controller) is a call processing network element located topologically at the edge of a service provider or enterprise network to protect VoIP networks, as well as provide call management functionalities. The main protocol used is SIP, the current industry standard. The SBC acts as a SIP back-to-back user agent. 

SBC provides, 

  • Session management (call routing) 
  • Edge security (e.g. topology hiding and signaling, firewall) 
  • Policy enforcement 
  • Signaling and media interworking (normalisation, transcoding) 
  • Advanced real-time session monitoring. 

Seeking a more radical revolution?

If your office footprint and staff working patterns have changed significantly over recent years, you might be considering a more radical approach, and be thinking about completely removing your fixed line phones and data cables. This very much depends on your business use cases – for example, it is unlikely to be suitable for a call centre! Some companies with simpler telephony needs have moved everything across to mobile networks, especially with the rollout and speeds achievable on 5G. This “mobile network only” approach has flexibility benefits, but might not suit heavy data network usage, or use cases with high-availability needs – an “all-mobile” revolution needs careful consideration and capacity assessment. We always recommend that a thorough understanding of use cases must first be undertaken, before looking at digital transformation options!

How can Bexprt help?

If your business needs assistance working out how to evolve legacy phone and data systems, get in touch. We can assist your business with all elements of assessment, implementation and upgrade to evolve your legacy network to VoIP and SIP, or help you in considering an all mobile-network revolution.

We’re always happy to have an informal, exploratory conversation, email us at 

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Meet Bexprt at MWC23, Barcelona

The Bexprt team are excited to be at MWC in Barcelona at the end of February.

Our team are happy to talk all things cloud, and have particular expertise in eCommerce, migration, resiliency and disaster recovery. To arrange to meet and discuss how Bexprt can accelerate delivery of your cloud ambitions and solve your business needs, please get in touch!

📍GSMA Mobile World Congress, Fira Gran Via, Barcelona
🗓 Monday 27th February – Thursday 2nd March 2023

🌐Discover more about #MWC23, and register for access, here.

📧 To arrange a dedicated time to meet email

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Platform Engineering: could it help my business?

The past decade has witnessed an increased empowerment of developers: from running what they build, to selecting their own microservices technology, through to self-serviced infrastructure requests. This DevOps-centric movement has brought with it lots of benefits to the software used daily, including more frequent releases and higher-quality apps. Yet, it has also created one interesting problem: duplicated efforts. 

Decentralized microservices teams often solve similar automation, security, and compute problems. It is common within a single organization to see multiple development teams building their own versions of SSL certificate generation, container image scanning, or cloud service configuration.

This inefficiency has pushed many organizations in the past few years to shift their focus to Platform Engineering: a productization of developer platforms offered as a self-service. 

It is not surprising then to see ‘Platform Engineering’ on Gartner’s top 10 strategic trends for 2023. Developers can now consume “platform as a service”. For example, App Director is a tool that accelerates the developer’s journey in building and shipping modern software on Kubernetes. Without prior knowledge, developers can deploy solutions to any cloud with best practices incorporated. The developer experience is significantly simplified enabling developers to focus on what they do best: quickly shipping high-quality software.

But at what size should an organization adopt “Platform Engineering”? And what if it has just started adopting DevOps?

First, let’s rethink the phrase ‘Platform Engineering’. It’s an ‘Internal Developer Platform’. It’s a platform that simplifies developers’ adoption of technology. Ideally, it’s not for a single team of developers. But the size of your dev org is not the only metric to use when assessing if a switch to this approach is worthwhile – Platform Engineering delivers broader business benefits even to small dev orgs. Listen to your developers! Are they duplicating efforts? Are they having to adopt and deeply learn a varied set of tools (Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform…etc.)? Could they benefit from abstraction? Could a set of self-service tools abstract these challenges and provide a ‘paved road’ or ‘Golden Path’?

Whether you need help in assessing or boosting your developer productivity, Bexprt can help – please get in touch!

We’re always happy to have an informal, exploratory conversation. 

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Bexprt becomes AWS Select Tier Service Partner Accredited

Bexprt are thrilled to achieve AWS Select Tier Services Partner status in the  AWS Partner Network, in record time!

“Yesterday, Bexprt became the fastest regional partner to achieve this status,” shared Mo Hamdy, Bexprt Founder & MD. “I would like to thank the Bexprt team and our AWS colleagues for their commitment and hard work in achieving this together, the first of many big milestones to come!”

“If you are attending LEAP in Riyadh at the start of February, the Bexprt team is one of a small handful of Partners chosen to be a part of the AWS stand – we would be delighted to meet you there in Hall 1, D30.” 

If you would like to know more about how Bexprt can enable your business with AWS, please get in touch – we’re always happy to have an informal, exploratory conversation. 

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AWS Shield now available in the UAE Region

Impressive news for our Middle East customers to remain focused on their business, AWS has just announced the availability of AWS Shield in the UAE region.

As a managed Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection service, AWS Shield safeguards applications running on AWS. It can protect applications from the most sophisticated DDoS attacks, including those that target the application and network layers by adopting an always-on detection and automatic inline mitigations to minimize application downtime and latency.

Bexprt is pleased to provide all the needed support required by our customers to,

  1. Reduce operational costs: by reducing the need for manual intervention during DDoS attacks.
  2. Focus on secure business growth and scalability: By quickly scaling the application’s protection as needed in order to respond to changing traffic patterns or attack volumes.

If you would like to know more about how Bexprt can enable your business with AWS Shield, please get in touch – we’re always happy to have an informal, exploratory conversation.

Read more about the AWS announcement here: AWS Shield Advanced is now available in the Middle East (UAE) Region .

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Join Bexprt on the AWS stand at LEAP 2023, Riyadh

The Bexprt team are thrilled to be joining Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Gold Sponsor and Partner at LEAP 2023 at the start of February.

Let’s meet and discuss how Bexprt can accelerate delivery of your cloud ambitions and help solve your business needs! 

Our team are happy to talk all things cloud, and have particular expertise in eCommerce, migration, resiliency and disaster recovery.

📍AWS exhibition stand Hall 1 D30, LEAP 2023, Riyadh Front Expo Centre, Riyadh, KSA
🗓 Monday 6th – Thursday 9th February 2023

🌐Discover more about LEAP, and register for free access, here.

📧 To arrange a dedicated time to meet email

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eCommerce: optimizing for growth, minimising for risk

Big numbers, big opportunities

According to their comprehensive report “The future of e-commerce in the Middle East and North Africa: examining the key drivers of growth”, Medialinks predicts that the Middle East eCommerce market is estimated to grow with a compound annual growth rate of 15 per cent in 2023 as compared to 2021. Meanwhile, Frost & Sullivan estimated the Middle East eCommerce market will reach $20 billion in 2023. This growth is being driven by increasing internet penetration (over 200 million by 2023), growing use of digital payment methods, and a growing preference for online shopping among consumers (mobile commerce or m-commerce is set to play a significant role in the eCommerce and digital marketing space in 2023).

Such a promising forecast for 2023 eCommerce businesses in the Middle East, encouraged many entrepreneurs to build their own eCommerce startups to aggressively compete with big players in this domain. Nevertheless, there are many challenges that need to be taken into consideration to ensure sustainable growth. 

One of these challenges is the expected recession in 2023. According to Forbes there is a chance of 70% that the global economy is expected to slow down due to a variety of factors such as rising trade tensions and geopolitical uncertainties. This could have an impact on consumer spending and could lead to more cost reductions for eCommerce platforms to maintain competing prices for online products and services.

Mitigating risk

To mitigate such a risk, entrepreneurs should focus on leveraging cloud-based eCommerce platforms that are hosted on reliable cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platforms (GCP), Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud etc. Cloud-based eCommerce platforms offer scalability and cost efficiency on a secure, reliable, and resilient infrastructure as compared to traditional hosting solutions. Moreover, they provide eCommerce platforms with access to advanced services such as real-time analytics (for better customer preferences visibility) and automated inventory management (for optimized operations).

Entrepreneurs though should be cautious enough to avoid hosting their eCommerce platforms on low profile-limited support cloud providers which may be prone to security threats for their sensitive data. Trusted cloud providers like AWS, GCP and Azure on the other hand can help businesses protect their data from cyber threats that are becoming increasingly common in the digital age. They provide robust security measures such as encryption technology and multi-factor authentication which can help protect customer data from malicious actors. 

eCommerce platform selection considerations

Choosing the right cloud provider can often be a major milestone for entrepreneurs when assisting ecommerce platforms – Shopify and Salla are typical examples for cloud-hosted ecommerce platforms.

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world, with over 1 million active stores worldwide. It offers an extensive range of features for businesses, including an intuitive drag-and-drop website builder, powerful analytics tools, and integrated payment solutions. Shopify also provides access to its own app store, allowing users to extend their store’s functionality with third-party apps and services. 

Salla is a relatively new player in the eCommerce as a service space, but it has quickly become one of the leading providers in the Middle East region. It offers all of the features that Shopify does, but it also includes additional features tailored specifically for Middle Eastern markets such as multi-language support and local payment options. Additionally, Salla provides access to its own marketplace where users can list their products for sale directly on Salla’s platform.

Both Shopify and Salla offer similar advantages. Both platforms provide scalability and flexibility that allow businesses to quickly scale up or down depending on their needs. Additionally, both platforms offer robust security measures that protect customer data from malicious attacks or data breaches. Finally, both platforms are cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to launch an online store without having to invest heavily in infrastructure or personnel costs associated with running an online store from scratch.

eCommerce & well-architected framework

Careful consideration should be given to hosting such eCommerce platforms on a scalable, secure and cost-efficient infrastructure implies careful and professional adoption for best architecture practices known in AWS as WAF or well-architected framework.

In general, you will need storage for your web content such as images; compute capabilities for processing transactions; a relational database that stores customer information; and a web application server that handles site requests from customers.

When setting up your cloud environment on AWS there are a few items that should not be overlooked – such as security protocols like encryption and multi-factor authentication – to ensure customer data is kept safe from malicious actors in addition to other measures such as firewalls to protect against attacks from outside sources.

Consideration should also be given to setting up metrics tracking with CloudWatch to monitor performance metrics like user engagement and page load times in real-time or near real-time so you can identify bottlenecks before they become an issue.

You need to configure auto-scaling rules so that computing resources can automatically adjust based on usage patterns or the number of customers accessing your website at any given time. Auto-scaling helps relieve strain during peak times while also maintaining fast page load times throughout the day without sacrificing performance.

The last step is testing out the platform before moving it into production mode. Try hitting different pages quickly with multiple test scripts running concurrently and look for any dropped requests or lags in response time compared to when running normally under regular traffic loads as well as any other performance/efficiency issues before officially launching your site publicly. 

2023: a promising eCommerce future

In conclusion, the forecast for 2023 looks promising for eCommerce businesses in the Middle East provided they take steps to mitigate potential risks such as an expected recession by leveraging cloud-based eCommerce platforms hosted on reliable cloud providers like AWS. Such platforms offer scalability, reliability, cost savings, advanced features, and robust security measures which can help businesses stay competitive while protecting their customers’ data from cyber threats.

Many entrepreneurs prefer to partner with professional service providers (such as Bexprt) who can abstract all integration complexities and ensure that their business is growing organically with a scalable approach.

Get in touch if you would like to know more about how we can help your business. ◦ LinkedIn

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Avoid cloud bill-shock & optimize your costs

Many enterprise customers consider cloud adoption as their ‘Noah’s Ark’ during these times of recession, yet most of them fall through a common trap-door on their way to safety!

When moving workloads from on-prem CAPEX based infrastructure to a cloud provider platform who charges on a consumption basis, our experience is that few enterprises manage their cloud bills efficiently. But don’t worry, the Bexprt team can help you to optimise your spend.

There are six key optimization options when migrating to cloud,

  1. rightsizing
  2. autoscaling
  3. saving plans
  4. spot instances
  5. availability scheduling
  6. guardrail provisioning.

This cloud cost-optimization simulator proposed by McKinsey is a useful tool to explore optimization options.

It goes without saying that cost optimization is a use case-dependent exercise, as it requires a more holistic view of the deployment environment.

Bexprt’s skilled staff have achieved savings of up to 30% for some clients, by following cloud best practices and well architected framework principles.

If you would like to utilize Bexprt expertise to optimize your cloud bills – and avoid bill shocks – please get in touch!


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GSMA Mobile 360 Riyadh, 17-18 May 2022

The Bexprt Team will be attending GSMA Mobile 360 in Riyadh, please get in touch if you would like to arrange to meet!

Discover more on the GSMA Mobile 360 Riyadh website, here.

Post-event addendum

“Great to attend GSMA Mobile 360 in Riyadh, and for our team to meet with industry leaders in the region. Very informative sessions with great interactive panel discussions about the cognitive technology enabling the Kingdom’s digital transformation future.”