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Meet Bexprt at BIBAN 23, Riyadh

9 - 14 March, 2023

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Event overview

The Bexprt Team are excited to be at Biban Global! If you are a startup or small business who wants to know how to securely migrate to the cloud, or are curious about scaling or optimizing your current cloud spend, then come and ask Bexprt!

“Biban 2023Saudi Arabia’s flagship SME forum returns to unite the world’s most innovative start-ups, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Biban… Fostering Tangible Opportunities

Welcome to Biban 2023, Saudi Arabia’s biggest SME and entrepreneurship forum. This is where the private and public sectors come together, under one roof, to share extraordinary ideas and profound experiences revolving around business and entrepreneurship. Here, we showcase innovations and breakthroughs, host talks and panel discussions, and hold workshops and competitions that inspire growth and embrace the culture of innovation. It’s a space that encourages dialogue and collaboration, filled to the brim with the most influential names in the industry (and from all over the world, no less). It’s where aspiring business minds come to their own, where existing businesses find investors, and where the greatest and latest business developments are revealed to the world. Join us and explore our nation’s thriving economic landscape; fertile land from which bright ideas and bold businesses grow and prosper, influencing a new generation of ambitious SMEs and start-ups. It’s an opportunity to establish meaningful, long-lasting relationships with industry leaders and decision-makers, learn new skills and gain valuable insight, and engage in high-power meetings, business accelerators, and incubators. In short, we’re fostering tangible opportunities. And Biban is where you capitalize on them.” 

🗓 Thursday 9th – Monday 13th March, 4-11pm
📍Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center, KSA
🌐 Discover more, and register for free entry here 

 📧 To arrange a dedicated time to meet email, or dm Ghaith Hamzah

Published Date

9 March, 2023