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3 key take-aways: AWS Summit London 2023

The event: AWS Summit London, 7th June 2023.

AWS Summits are a series of free online and in-person events, in different global cities, that bring the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS.

The Bexprt team – Mo Hamdy (CEO), Mahmoud El Zayet (Head of Cloud BU), and Gwen Edwards (CMO) – were part of the 100 plus Partners who joined 16,000 attendees at ExCel London for AWS Summit London 2023. This colossal event included 70+ sessions delivered by AWS subject matter experts, Partners, and customers who have successfully built solutions on AWS, exhibition spaces, interactive workshops, labs, technical break out sessions, a dedicated Public Sector Track, in addition to some fun with AWS DeepRacer and an F1 Ferrari Simulator, and keynote speeches from AWS Senior Leadership in the huge auditorium.

Below: keynotes from Tanuja Randery, MD EMEA AWS, and Swami Sivasubramanian, VP Database, Analytics & ML at AWS.

📌 “Digital technology could grow the UK economy by over £413 billion by 2030.” Tanuja Randery, MD EMEA AWS

📌 “Dig deep, and go for the most transformational ideas when times are tough.”  “Cloud magnifies the benefits in uncertain times.” Swami Sivasubramanian, VP Database, Analytics & ML at AWS.

Bexprt’s 3 key take-aways

Mahmoud El Zayet, Bexprt’s Head of Cloud, shares three highlights which really stood out for him at AWS Summit London 2023.

1. Generative AI takes centre stage

This might not be news, but Generative AI is a core focus for all hyper-scalers, and AWS is no exception. Generative AI is perceived as an inflection point in AI, and its ability to generate tangible output (images, videos, text) is steaming the adoption engine. AWS is partnering with big names – at the Summit AWS showcased their work with Accenture – to lead with new use cases for big customers. Contact Centres, Finance teams, Business Analysts, Marketing and HR departments are all examples of areas likely to be disrupted soon by Gen AI.

Accenture shared data from their recent report,

– In 5 out of 22 occupation groups, Gen AI can affect more than half of all hours worked

– 40% of all working hours across all industries can be impacted by LLMs (large language models)

– 62% of total time worked are language tasks….

– 65% of that time can be transformed into more productivity through augmentation & reality.

📌 GenAI LLMs achieved 100m monthly active users just 2 months after launch, making it the fastest-growing consumer application in history.  

📌 CodeWhisperer is the fastest-growing AWS service. 

Dive deeper: link to Accenture’s new report, here.

2. Industry and use-case focus continues

A theme that started a few years back, but AWS is putting big efforts behind personalizing use cases into industries and creating an internal workforce that understands customer needs. AWS sessions at the summit focussed on areas including Retail/Consumer Goods, Sustainability, Governments, Energy sector and more. As always, AWS leading with customer obsession!

Left: Will Cavendish, Global Digital Services Leader at ARUP.  Right: Tanuja Randery, MD EMEA AWS, shares insights from AWS work with The Very Group. 

3. Simplification

‘Invent and simplify’ is already an Amazon Leadership principle, but as Cloud competition builds up, AWS is putting more effort into simplification. 

No Code / Low Code is not just positioned at developers anymore but has been extended to Data Scientists. Amazon SageMaker Canvas is showing a big milestone in balancing simplicity with AI accuracy – the AWS team showcased work by the international professional cycle team INEOS Grenadiers, to analyze race data, predict outcomes, and identify the most influential parameters.

Left: Mahmoud and Mo catch up with Ahmed Raafat, Principal Solutions Architect at AWS, who supported the INEOS project.  

Above: Mo Hamdy (CEO), Mahmoud El Zayet (Head of Cloud BU), and Gwen Edwards (CMO).